Felix Kleymann - Escaping Death

 In his photo documentary »Escaping Death«, the photographer Felix Kleymann accompanies refugees on their journey from Iraq to Germany.

Kleymann met these people on their escape way. His journey started in the north of Iraq, where he documented the live in the refugee camps, and went on to the camps in Turkey. This is a many people's starting point for making a way to Europe – hoping to survive and to be able to live a better life. Felix Kleymann accompanied a group of refugees from Turkey to Greece, over Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Austria until their arrival in Germany.

The journey took two months. Kleymann met people on the run – in camps, in run-down estates, in tents. He was able to convince a human trafficker to take him on board of a rubber boat headed towards Lesbos. Kleymann met people in extreme situations: traumatized by wartime experiences, lethargic from the boredom in the refugee camps, panicking in the dark at sea, exhausted on their way across Europe.

He learnt that one can buy the most elaborate wedding dresses in refugee camps and that at the same time the divorce rates are remarkably high there. He witnessed how refugees are offered improper life jackets for horrendous prizes, and how they are arrested on arrival on Lesbos.


Instead of being a neutral observer of these individual life stories, he assimilated into the social environment and accompanied those people. It was a two-month odyssey that allowed him to see the stories of these people unfold right in front of his eyes.


Artist: Felix Kleymann

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