HOME STORIES portrays people from different backgrounds who, for good reasons such as war, prosecution, or discrimination, had to leave their home countries and now live in their own apartments in Dortmund. The non-profit project tells the personal stories of people that are labeled as "refugee" with the help of impressive imagery and texts. HOME STORIES thus gives back some human dignity to those people and at the same time demonstrates the intense and indispensable social commitment of a civil society. The project gives a voice to "our new neighbors" and thus reveals the different background stories and dreams of a better future that are manifest when fleeing. HOME STORIES thus aims at cautiously contemplating and especially at talking to those people – not about them.


Artist: Alexandra Breitenstein

Opening: Thursday, 29 th June 2017  at 6 pm

Location: Auslandsgesellschaft Intercultural Academy gGmbH

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© Alexandra Breitenstein