Limits of photography (2)

In physical as well as in mental fields, boundaries describe and define seperations between areas which then appear to be heterogenous: they are encapsulations which also include as well as exclude. In addition to natuarl and geographical boundaries, there are bounderies between the body and the mind or the soul or - depending on the piont of view - the psyche. Economic and social modalities of inclusion an exclusion can be found as well as ideological, religious or communicative boundaries. Boundaries can be defined as hardly any other fact of our being-in-the-world - and are thus also interesting photographic or photo theoretic discussion.


In cooperation between the Master's degree in Photographic Studies at the Department of Design at FH Dortmund and the Department of Photography at teh Seminar for Art and Art Science at the TU Dortmund, we have explored the issue of boundaries conceptually and visually and above all the limitations of the medium of photography. The result of this application-oriented research will be shown in two exhibitions during the f² photo festival. On the one handy, the university lecture / campus city of the TU Dortmund in the Dortmund U, and the other in the Werkhalle at the Union Gewerbehof.

Students of both courses will be exhibiting.



Artists: Students from the FH and TU Dortmund

Responsible academics: Dirk Gebhardt, Timo Klos und Marcel René Marburger

Opening: Friday, 30 th June 2017 at 7 pm

Location: Dortmunder U

More Info: Opening hours and location