Crossing borders implies to leave your comfort zone.

But it should be seen as a chance to look beyond one's own horizon and the possibility to create something new.

An idea, a thought, a feeling.

The striving for boundlessness is the striving for freedom.

When we are free, we can go any direction. There are no more borders.

They never really existed.

'Borders' is just a term, which can be interpreted in any way.

This is also shown in the exhibition 'X Dualismen' at Projektspeicher/Export 33.

Ten students from Folkwang University of Arts with similar backgrounds create completely different interpretations of given subject 'borders'.



Tabea Borchardt, Max Füllbier, Charlotte Hock, Melina Lilienfeldt-Karstner, Rebecca Racine Ramershoven, Alexander Scholle, Maximilian Schulz, Johanna Senger, Janik Weu, Lidong Zhao

Opening: Thursday, 29 th June 2017 at  7 pm

Location: Projektspeicher/Export33

More Info: Opening hours and location

© f.l.t.r.: Max Füllbier, Tabea Borchardt, Rebecca Racine Ramershoven, Tabea Borchardt